आपकी बात बिना काट-छॉंट

मैने अपने पिछले लेख में आप सभी से वायदा किया था कि मेरे द्वारा आकुट के विभिन्‍न कम्‍यूनिटी में जो प्रश्‍न रखा गया था उसकी चर्चा मै आपके समक्ष जरूर लाऊँगा। आज से वह कड़ी प्रारम्‍भ हो रही है। इस चर्चा में मैने जस का तस प्रस्‍तुत कर रहा हूँ बिना किसी फेर बदल के, इस चर्चा को पढ़ कर जरूर एक युवा मस्तिष्‍क का अध्‍ययन का अच्‍छा अवसर मिला है। निश्चित रूप से यह चर्चा आज के नव भारत का निर्माण करने के सहायक होगी, क्‍योकि किसी का विचार कैसा भी हो किन्‍तु वह एक्टिव है तो निश्चित रूप से वह देश का भविष्‍य है।

क्‍या कहते है लोग हॉं या नही
jin hone mahatma gandhi ji ko rashtrapita swikaar nahi kiya hai unn logo ko india mein bhi rehne ka hukk nahi hai
what type of poll is this??????
in Hrithik's commu????
clip_image002[10] नही
some people think that mahatma gandhi was a great person but i dont think so i think he was one of the most corrupted person he never did any good work for country if any person talks about freedom that is only because of our freedom fighters he contributed nothing for country;s freedom
clip_image002[10] नही
if he was selfish in his approach just for the sake of his revenge against the british then it was for the good of our country. so it was accpetable. it's not that im a fan of him, i hate him for allowing Bhagath Singh die, but on the other hand he did so much good that we cant deny him as RASHTRA PITA..
The countdown
All those people who think no, and have some stupid reason to back it up should realise that it is because of him that they are able to sit in comfort and post stupid comments like that. Perhaps you should spend less time on the computers and read some real history. What i dont understand is when the whole world accepts his greatness, why do some 'Indians' have a problem with him?
i cant say about gandhi ji
clip_image002[10] नही
yes he deserves 2 be our father....this is a really stupid thinking......he was a gr8 man.....what he did 4r our country noone can do 4r anyone......i respect bhagat singh also...but that doesnt stop me frm respecting the greatest man on earth mahatama gandhi,,,,,,,
and u r absolutel right sumit...all those people hve no rights in stay in india......

gandhi did nothing fr country what he did was only 4 himself he was selfish
clip_image002[9] nahi 
saala khud chala gaya
aur jagte jagte DRY DAY karwa gaya haramkhor......

Đэשı₤ Đě§ρεЯаđΏ
i thinks this guy(Āρσجắℓÿþ§€)
is right..!!!

clip_image002[10] नही
no ways....
he's the one who ruined ur country n is no way responsible for our freedom.........
he's a bloody show of........
pakka polititian
clip_image002[10] नही
He is responsible for what is happening in
J & K
WHY DID HE SAY " Jisko jana ha jaye... Jisko rehna hai rehey" partition (1947) should have been perfect.
Bloody Hell!!!
clip_image002[10] नही
Brajesh with
we should not comment like this on a national leader like this
he was a visionary
he was alegend
first collect some information and then post ur comments
आपाका कहना पूरी तरा सही नहीं हें.
उनका सोचनेका तरीका थोडा गलत था.
सामनेवाला मारे तो 1 बार चुप रहो पर
वो 2 रिबार मारे तो उसे पलट के ऐसा
मारो की दुबारा न मारे.
clip_image002[10] नही
Gandhi was a diplomat . but he was not so evil as written in the poll . One cannot ruin his whole life just for gaining popularity .
yes he was a bit shrewd . but his ideas were great and they inspired the pple for struggle so he can be called The father of the nation proudly .
he was a diplomat who was simply lucky,...........
clip_image002[10] नही
ganhiji ke baare main itna kuch likha gaya hain ki shayad unki asli tasveer kahin chup gayi hain- unhe ek mashia ka darja diya gaya hain. in sab baton se hat ker agar dekhe to mera man a hain ki wo ek adarsh insaan the- unki sadgi, unka vyabhar- sab acha tha- isliyein mere hisaab se wo ek mahan aadmi the.
lekin aga hum politically dekhe to kehna mushkil hain ki kya sahi hain kysa galat- log kehte hain - unhone jo bhi decision liya wo galat tha- kya sare decission unhi ke the???? unke kai decission aise bhi the jinhe mana nahin gaya-jaise-
1. wo chate the ki indipendence ke baad congress natinal party na reh ker state party reh jaye- matlab national party ki jagah ab wo area party ban ker kaam kare. lekin aisa nahin hua.
2. wo chate the ki patel first PM bane- lekin nehru bane. agar aaj patel humare pehle PM hote to hum pata nahin kahan hote- shayad duniyan main america humse darta (jaise chaina se)
unki sirf yahi kami thi ki wo soft heart the- wo koi hard decission nahin le sakte the.
lekin unhone kabhi

ya obviously ... he gave us freedom ..... so in return we have 2 give him the position of a .... father of nation

UKF योगेश Yogesh
agar woo us waqat waha na hotey to azadi hummey jald hi mil jati aaur itna khoon bhi baha na hota.....................to the hell with the father of the nation..................

Its very unfortunate who are against our father of nation they didn't ponder that whenever you want a cure the only method of cure is ahimsa the only way if he hadn't started his march with ahmisa we would have not got this freedom so early .....He deserves to be our father of nation and being a national i salute him with proud to him........

Gandhi ek esa inshaan tha jo har us jagah tha jahan khoon kharaba hua. baki duniya mari par ek akela wo har baar bach gaya. mere khayal se gandhi to angrejo ka mideator tha.. uske pehle marne se sayad hum log pehle aajad ho jate.... jai natu ram godse
UKF Abhishek
uchiit hai yar
bapu hai hamre wo

gandhi was the man of great potential and grit,i think it is appropriate to call him bapu

जमशेदपुर मे
गान्धी जी कि जीवनी जानने के बाद नही

let us all not get so offended by whatever is written about gandhi ji.
everybody has his own perception nd after all gandhi ji was a human so it is very much possible for him to work for his own benifits. which he certainly did. whatever were his ideas can all be found in different religious books. nd we are some where ignoring the fact that he had cared the least for his followers. he had also made mistakes in his life nd learned through some of them. some mistakes which may be we had not or will not in our lives.

अन्‍य भाग भी जल्‍द ही प्रकाशित किये जायेगे।


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