Mantra For Successful Visit

Many times people have visit for business tour or for an auspicious tour, but they have faced many problem and disaster. I mean to say that they didn't get the desire success into their visit.


If you can accomplish a successful visit then try a simple and effective mantra; chant the given mantra before start the visit to get success.

I think... You are thinking about my superstitious; but it isn't.

This mantra has taken from Ramcharit-Manas; where Lord Hanuman enters in the Lanka with saluted the Lord Rama. And he gets success in all the works.

Therefore if you going for a visit or tour then must chanting this given mantra before starting the tour.

Mantra is as follows –

Prabisi Nagar Keejai Sab Kaaja 
Hriday Rakhi Kosalpur Raaja 
प्रबिसि नगर कीजै सब काजा 
ह्रदय राखी कोसलपुर राजा 

It has to be chanted every time when you go for a visit; you will defiantly get success in that work is you need. Chanting with full dedication in lord Hanuman and Lord Rama to gets desire success.


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